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Date: 2007-07-11 17:25
Subject: Apartment Info
Security: Public

So, as promised I said I would tell you about the apartment situation. Here goes...

In October our lease here is up and we want to move. We actually wouldn't mind getting out right now. However, that's not very dignified, so we're waiting till' November.

I found these amazing apartments and my family is going to move to them. Audra is also going to move in with us. She and I are going to pay the difference in rent between the two of us. These apartments are more expensive then the house we live in now, but they're also much nicer and are complete with a fitness facility (which I will be taking full-advantage of every night, except Thursday), a club house complete with a restaurant, numerous pools, a gorgeous courtyard (which would be the perfect datespot, assuming I actually dated..lol), and yeah. We're all really excited. It'll be like Audra and I are rooming together anyway. She has her own room. I have mine. My aunt is not home from 2pm to 11:00pm. I work from 7:30am to 4:00pm. Audra works from 9:30am to 6:00pm. It will be like she and I are living on our own. Plus, I have pretty much been living on my own since I was 16, even though I still live in my family's house.

I need to go actually check out the inside of the apartments soon. I have seen photos and they're gorgeous. I also need to get my transcripts transfered to Navarro.

I was home sick from work today. Around 11:00 I was still in bed and my aunt called from Pep Boys and asked me to come up there and go to the furniture store next door to see if I could find a new bed, which I really need. I found something. It'll be around $1000.00 all together w/ the new mattress and box springs. I'm not too sure that I want it, though. I'd rather have a full-size. Queen size beds take up too much room. It's just me now, anyway. When I get married I'll upgrade to a Queen size bed.

Audra should be here around 6pm and we're going to get dinner and have a Ghost Hunters marathon. I don't really believe the show is legit, but it's fun to watch nonetheless.


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Date: 2007-07-10 18:40
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public

So, it's 6:30 pm and I'm pooped.
I was at the hospital practically all night long last night. After I got off work I was holding her and noticed her eye had gotten kind of puffy and was red. Within 5 minutes, it had almost completely swollen shut and a rash had begun to spread all over her face and head. She was taking new medicine so I thought she needed to be checked out to make sure she wasn't allergic. Turns out, she had a bad case of bronchitis.

I am exhausted. I'm not even supposed to be at home right now. I'm supposed to be at Bible Study with Audra, Chaz, and Kessie. I'm just too tired to go. As soon as I got off work, I came home and took a shower. Now I'm sitting here in shorts and a white hoodie and am about to go dry my hair and go to bed.

Tomorrow night Audra is coming over to watch Ghost Hunters and plan our class schedule for next semester.

Work is rough right now. This morning I had 40 proofs on my desk that are due for elite proofing tomorrow. I am down to 5. They're going to be late anyway. There is no way they will be on elite tomorrow considering some of them were only one 1st proof, which is totally not my fault. I don't really care.

I want to be a buyer.
Mucho pay increase.
Bring on the Business degree!

Going to bed now..
I'll tell you more about the apartment tomorrow.

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Date: 2007-07-05 18:51
Subject: Happy 4th!
Security: Public
Happy Independence Day!
God bless the USA!

I hope everyone has a an amazing holiday.
Go watch a fireworks show for me.
I'm staying at home tonight!
Don't forget to show your appreciation for our troops!
(and I'm not just saying that because I work with them on a daily basis.)
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Date: 2007-07-05 18:24
Subject: Defining
Security: Public
Music:"Legacy" by Nichole Nordeman

How many roads did I travel before I walked down one that led me to Him?
And, how many dreams did unravel before I believed in the hope that was true?
And, how long? How far?
What was meant to fulfill only emptied me still.
How many deaths did I die before I was awakened to new life again?
And, how many half-truths did I bear witness to till` the proof was disproved in the end?
And, how long? How far?
What was meant to illuminate only shadowed me still. 
And, all He ever wanted was only me,
on my knees, singing holy, holy.
Somehow all that matters now is that He is holy.
He is holy.
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Date: 2007-07-03 19:05
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with everything. Then, I look at the many things that are flying at top speed closer to the present and I get excited. You would think it would be more overwhelming and leave me with more things to overcome, but whatever, it’s really not. That’s just so... me. I’ve learned how to cope. That is kind of the way I function. Really, it is.

I really want to be lazy this semester. I want to just take it easy and let the good times roll. Wishful thinking. That is so not going to happen. I slacked off too much last semester, though it wasn’t completely my fault. With my sister’s whole pre-mature labor/in the hospital for 2 months thing + baby Chyanne being in NICU for a month + her then being released for a week and going back to Children’s Hospital for 2 weeks because she caught pneumonia = missing the drop-date. You can pretty much figure out the rest:

Religion: F
Sociology: F
Music: F
2nd Music Course: F
And, of course, I dropped the math class because I suck at life and seem to drop one class every semester. At least I managed to drop that class.

Not to mention the whole me changing my major thing, which left me with 9 credit hours when I should be halfway finished with my degree. But whatever, things happen for a reason.

This computer sucks so bad, but I’m too lazy to get up and get my laptop.

So, in other news, the most talked about thing in my life is getting out of my family’s house and into my apartment. Yep, that’s right. I am moving out - probably not till` January, but I am moving out nonetheless. The idea is that with that being 5-6 months away, I will have all of my credit cards paid off and have a nice amount in savings to be able buy some super fab furniture. Audra is moving in with me, so we’re going to go shopping for everything together. August = 3 paychecks, which means I’m hitting up IKEA for some Roseanne Olson, Jean-Noel Reichel, and Simon Whitmore photos, as well as Mardel’s for some awesome decor.

A dinner party will be held after I’m moved in. I talked to Kessie today and we thought it would be really neat to have a dinner party once a month, just rotate houses so no one gets stuck hosting it each time.

Okay, wow, I think I wrote a novel, so I’m going to go eat dinner, do laundry, blow dry my hair, and go to bed. I’m meeting up w/ Kessie tomorrow night to finish up the slideshow for church, then I’m off Wednesday. You’ve gotta` love working for the government.

Later, loves! ♥

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Date: 2007-07-03 18:54
Subject: Something To Live By
Security: Public

"Learn to “write” your
problems and pains in sand,
but carve your blessings in stone."

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Date: 2007-07-03 18:37
Subject: New Beginnings
Security: Public

So, here I am back in action in the blogging business. I think I have reached the stage in my life where I really need a place that I can write down what I am feeling, how I’m feeling, and just little memories here and there. Sure, I have my myspace blog. I have a diaryland. But, nothing ever fits like livejournal. No one really cares on here. Everywhere else is just a little too “out there”. Everyone is always in everyone else's business.

So, here I go, once again. Are you ready for me again Livejournal?

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